Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chicago Eating Summary - July 2009

Eating in Chicago We ate very well in Chicago every day of our seven day stay.  The best restaurants are blogged in previous entries on this page.  There are some memorable experiences that haven't been blogged, until now.
Best honourable mention: Vong's Thai Kitchen:  A Jean George venture:  creative Thai, excellent cocktails and great decor -a romantic setting. Note: VTK is now closed. (January 2010)
Best Chicago Beef Sandwich:  Portillo's, then Al's #1 Beef.  Like to try more beef sandwich places next visit.
Cool Things: You can wear whatever you want.  Everyone's very friendly.  All restaurants accommodated any special request.  Prices are very reasonable.

When not Eating: Take the L all over the city, go on a boat architecture cruise, walk along the river, go to the 103rd floor Skydeck, go to Millenium Park where you can stare at Cloud Gate and admire the Ghery outdoor concert hall, visit Oak Park to see Frank Lloyd Wright houses, catch at least one ballgame and try Goose Island vanilla cream soda.


  1. Wow! What is that big silver sculpture? Looks like a bead of mercury from the world's largest thermometer. Cool!

  2. It's called Cloud Gate and we stared at it for a good half hour. You can walk all around it and under it as well. It's at Millenium Park. A must see in a city of must eats.