Sunday, September 27, 2009

Price Hill Chili - Cincinnati, August 2009

Chilli 5 Way? Cincinnati has not one, but two regional specialties and they can both be found at Price Hill Chili.  Cinci chili is saucy and sweet (hint of cinammon and nutmeg) and is prepared five ways.  I ordered the 5way chili - when in Rome.  The five way consists of 1) chili, 2) onions, 3) beans, 4) cheese (grated new cheddar) and 5) spaghetti.  That's right - spaghetti.  Really it's not that crazy.  I loved it.  I don't thinks I'd order it any other way.   The onions are raw and add some nice bite to contrast the sweet sauce.  The spaghetti just completes it very well.  I should add that Price Hill is a very comfortable place - lots of regulars and kind waitresses in an at home restaurant.  We felt so welcome that we went back the next day for breakfast.  That's when I got to try another regional treat - goetta (see pic).  Goetta (usually pronounced gett-uh) is composed of ground pork and steel cut oats.  These ingredients are mixed together, formed in a loaf, sliced into rectangular patties, and fried.  Goetta's popularity relfects Cincinnati's German roots, but I could not find it in any other city, including German influenced Milwaukee.  The steel cut oats give it a hearty texture and I futher enjoyed breaking my poached eggs over the goetta.  Yolks and meat - mmm.  Goetta and chilli 5 way - two great reasons to visit Cincinnati and Price Hill Chilli.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pappy's Smokehouse - St. Louis, August 2009

Happy Pappy  Pappy's only opened in February of '08, but it's most definetely an old school bbq joint. They do it right at Pappy's - low 'n slow over real wood and smoke.  Their Memphis style cooking is great.  We enjoyed ribs, pulled pork and brisket.  We had to wolf it all down in time to make the Cards afternoon game.  Eating it fast was easy.  I almost forgot to chew as I devoured all the tender meats.  Pappy's sweet sauce is great and I'm not surprised Pappy's had been voted best bbq in St. Louis only a few months after the doors first opened.  Prepare for lineups and prepare to change your typical order; they run out of menu items on busy days.  That's because it's all cooked slowly - the way real bbq should be.

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