Monday, January 30, 2012

Schwartz's Deli - Montreal

My Death Row Meal When I have my last meal I know what it's going to be: a medium smoked meat sandwich with fries, extra pickles, and a Cott's cherry cola from Schwartz's. Nothing satisfies quite like a meal at Schwartz's.  I've enjoyed a lot of delicious smoked meat in Montreal, and I keep coming back to Schwartz's.  I love the hustle and bustle of the place - the small tables, cramped in next to other customers and sharing smoked meat pleasure with strangers.  I would suggest a medium smoked meat because the regular is a bit too fatty for me and the lean is not moist enough.  Schwartz's secret - everything's made from scratch from a near century old recipe.  Their briskets are brined for ten days, without preservatives, and then slowly smoked.  They now have a takeout store right next to the original.  Sit down, enjoy the best smoked meat you've ever had, then go next store and bring a some home and don't forget your friends.  
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